Plastic surgery in Cologne and its wide range of services

Plastic surgery in Cologne and its service areas

Plastic surgery in Cologne has a lot to offer and not only for patients who want to achieve a certain ideal of beauty. Plastic and cosmetic surgery includes service areas from head to toe, as well as treatments for people who want to improve their self-esteem or suffer from health limitations.

Plastic surgery in Cologne with a wide range of services

Cosmetic surgery services are more comprehensive than some may realize from the media. From calf implants to hair transplants, patients can improve their well-being and have health limitations treated.

In this article, we will illustrate the individual service areas and go into more detail about breast augmentation, as this is one of the most popular offerings in plastic cosmetic surgery.

self-esteem and one’s own well-being

Probably the best known areas are breast augmentation and wrinkle treatment. The capabilities and results of wrinkle treatments and breast augmentation have been in the media frequently, especially by well-known celebrities. Of course, there are some who want to emulate the supposed ideal of beauty, however, there are also many health reasons.

Many patients have psychological problems and self-esteem disorders. Some people cannot cope with the aging process and long for the imperishable youth, others wish for natural feminine curves – resp. Female attributes.

But not only women, but also men seek plastic surgery in Cologne, for example, for a deviated septum or in cases of gynecomastia. Our own well-being plays an important role in our daily lives and also partially characterizes our behavior.

Health restrictions and possible treatments

In our just mentioned example of the deviated septum, the rhinoplasty can be helpful. The plastic surgeon’s intervention can correct the deviated septum and prevent nocturnal snoring and lack of concentration due to sleep deprivation.

Women can also suffer from health restrictions, for example, with a breast that is too large and heavy. This can restrict sporting activities, everyday life as well as possible back pain. The treating surgeon can remedy the situation with a reduction of the breast size.

Obesity, also called adiposity, can also be a health limitation. Through a medical plan, consultation hours and liposuction (liposuction) one could get this problem under control.

Services of cosmetic surgery Cologne at a glance

The services are so extensive that we represent only the main groups here. Thus, in the head area we have u.a. Hair transplantation, ear, nose and chin correction and wrinkle treatment. Followed by the tightening of the neck, chest and other parts of the body. The insertion of implants in the calves, buttocks or breasts, as well as liposuction.

There are different variants of breast surgery, such as enlargement, lifting and reduction of the breast. Breast augmentation Cologne can take place through breast implants or through autologous fat transplantation. For the latter, certain conditions must exist on the patient’s own body, which the treating surgeon must search for and find in advance.

Breast augmentation with the patient’s own fat or breast implants

In the case of breast augmentation, patients can opt for breast augmentation through breast implants or through autologous fat grafting under certain conditions. Those who do not want a foreign body in their own body usually prefer the transplantation of their own fat.

The body must of course meet the requirements to choose this method of treatment. Fat cells are absorbed into the body at a pre-determined location, which are then processed and infiltrated into the breast. To achieve an optimal result, follow-up treatments may be necessary.

Alternatively, you can choose breast implants, these are placed in a ca. one-hour operation inserted. The insertion is done through the areola, through the armpits or through the lower breast crease.

As with any physical surgery, there are some risks that must be discussed with the attending physician. Among other things, there is a possible capsular fibrosis after the procedure, this can be painful and must be treated.

Conclusion on plastic & aesthetic surgery

The services of cosmetic surgery are extensive, but always require a consultation appointment. A consultation appointment with the treating surgeon is very important, because here you will be informed about the procedure, costs and possible risks.

Some services are covered by health insurance, but a large part you have to pay out of pocket, unless it has no medical necessity.

Thus, a breast augmentation in and around Cologne 3.500-8.Cost 500 euros (depending on the procedure: implants or own fat). A consultation appointment is therefore indispensable for optimal planning.


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