Back pain – these 9 helpful exercises can help supportively

Back pain – 9 helpful exercises against it

Back pain is a real common complaint in Germany, almost every third person complains about it regularly and this is hardly surprising, after all, too much sitting and too little sport reliably cause a painful back. But what can you do about the fact that it regularly shoots you in the back or your neck is tense?

Back pain – These 9 tips and exercises help

The experts of GZM Physio advise to do some exercises also during the daily office routine, so that the back pain does not become chronic. They were kind enough to put together 9 exercises and preventative tips for you against a painful back.


This exercise helps you with back pain by working the muscles of the back to their full length. A strong musculature helps you to relieve the spine, as it provides additional support? To perform the Superman correctly, lie flat on your stomach and place a yoga mat underneath if necessary. With your legs resting at full length, lift your upper body with your arms stretched forward as if you were flying through the air.

Diagonal back lift

The diagonal execution works similar to the Superman. You first lie flat on your back and now lift your left leg and right arm and then switch sides. Make sure that the thigh leaves the floor. It’s not easy at first, but it activates the lower back.

Cat hump/duck

In the fight against back pain, not only a strong back is essential, but also a flexible back. With this exercise you mobilize the spine forward and backward. Assume the dog position, kneeling on the floor with your arms supported in a straight line under your shoulders and your back parallel to the floor. Now move your spine alternately to the cat hump and the duck rump. Over time you will gain mobility, this movement also helps with existing back pain.


If your back pain is more likely to be in your neck, there are several ways to strengthen this area. One of these is the pinwheel. Place your feet hip-width apart and raise both arms upward in an extended position. Drop your arms and slightly bend your knees until both arms are back in the basic position above your head. The difficulty here is that one arm circles in front of the body and one behind. This challenges coordination and rotates the halves of the body against each other.

Neck circles

If you have persistent neck pain, you should do repeated neck circles. This also works while sitting in the office. To do this, place your chin to your chest and walk your ear to your shoulder in a circular motion. Do not describe more than a semicircle and move your neck slowly. This exercise stretches the neck spine and warms up the neck muscles.


The Plank is a simple exercise, like a push-up without the push-up. Either stay on your hands or move to your forearms if you lack strength. The tension in the mid-body makes this exercise so great for back pain.


If you’re a professional and want to specifically prevent back pain as a result of athletic overuse, deadlifting (or deadlifting) done correctly is the perfect exercise to do. With your legs slightly bent, move your torso from a standing position to a horizontal position while holding a barbell, kettlebell or light dumbbells. This is back training for advanced users.

Do not always sit

Back pain comes from sitting a lot, incorrectly and for a long time. So get some momentum going. Stand up at least once an hour and move around the office, raise your arms, in short: boost circulation and blood flow.

Work while standing: If you have the opportunity to work while standing, take advantage of this. Jack up your desk, there are also flexible solutions that can be raised and lowered. This prevents back pain even in the long term.

Healthy sleep

On an old, worn-out or wrong mattress, you’ll still feel like you’re exhausted. Therefore, make sure you have the right mattress for your sleeping position and weight, and also change them if necessary. This is not entirely beneficial, but no comparison to a sore back.

If you follow these exercises and tips against back pain, you will be well prepared to go through everyday life and into old age with a healthy back.


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