Erania – The modern residence for seniors at the Polish Baltic Sea

Aging in the modern senior residence Erania at the Polish Baltic Sea

There are many reasons why one should spend his old age at the Polish Baltic Sea. Nowadays Poland is known for many professional retirement homes. Erania has established itself as one of the most modern nursing homes in this respect. Of course, there are many causes that provide for this positive condition.

Favorable geographical location

The senior residence is located in Ustronie Morskie, in the central part of the Polish Baltic coast. The distance to the German border is only 11 km. The landscape surrounding the nursing home is quiet and coherent. In order for the seniors to enjoy the soothing sound of the waves, Erania is located in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

The interior of the nursing home surprises with excellent quality. The seniors have professionally furnished common rooms at their disposal to make integration as easy as possible. These factors influence the well-being of the residents.

Erania means team spirit in working with the seniors

The senior residence on the Baltic Sea is characterized by its friendly and courteous staff. The Erania team is highly trained and supported by doctors of all specialties, physiotherapists, nurses and masseurs. This staff, thanks to their rich professional experience, has an excellent knowledge of all the nuances of palliative care.

To make communication easy, all members of the staff speak German. Apart from that, they are able to convey the complex technical medical language in a friendly and understandable way. What is especially important, seniors enjoy immediate access to doctors of all specialties.

The right definition of care

Erania is a nursing home specially designed for the seniors. This means that the team at this senior residence places a lot of emphasis on impeccable quality. The staff does its best to meet all the material and emotional needs of the residents. For this reason, at Erania there is an appropriate equipment, which can be used.

The treatment from the different perspectives

The senior residence by the sea has a lot to offer. The philosophy of Erania is a complex approach to treatment. The team is aware of the importance of holistic therapy for the health of the residents.

That’s why, the nursing home offers a wide range of activities aimed at improving the overall performance of the body. Choices of activities include, but are not limited to, music therapy, occupational therapy, and hypnotherapy.


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