Depression and burnout as modern scourges of our time

Burnout and depression as modern scourges

If professional or private crises harden and no way out of them can be found, it can lead to mental illnesses such as depression or burnout. In the meantime, burn-out is a modern widespread disease, which makes the life of the affected person truly difficult and tedious.

Typical for a burnout: The times seem to be over when one could also be happy about the small things of everyday life and look into the future full of confidence. Everything suddenly seems tedious and heavy, you literally feel run down every day, powerless and without perspective.

Those affected often describe burnout as a feeling that a leaden mantle is wrapped around them, pulling them down again and again with its weight. This concerns not only the physical, but of course also the mental and emotional level.

Depression and burn-out can be cured

The good news at this point There are different ways out of depression and burnout. However, it is important to admit to oneself that something is out of balance in one’s own life. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways: feeling irritable, more prone to aggression, gaining weight because they withdraw from social life out of frustration, and instead curl up on the sofa at home with a bag of chips night after night. Only when this admission has been made is there a way back to a life full of activity and vitality.

New courage to face life and new life energy

People who are affected by a burn out often lack support. It is important to exchange ideas with others and to process events with the help of conversations. Here for example discussion groups can be of use. A good example of this is the Grail Movement, an association of people who deal with the central themes of the Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin. The Grail Movement offers a life help for the individual through the occupation with the Grail Message.

In view of the stressful everyday life that modern people have to cope with nowadays, it is not surprising that the soul capitulates at some point and the body also begins to refuse its service. Sometimes it is already helpful to train the eye again for the small things in life and to recognize consciously the beauty of nature.

Walking through the cool forest on a hot summer day, you can experience the glory of creation with all your senses. You can feel the soft grass or moss under your feet, soak up fresh air and draw new courage for upcoming tasks. Far away from noisy streets and the hustle and bustle of everyday life simply times the soul dangle: in harmony with nature this is possible.


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