Nursing service – When coping with everyday life is difficult and help is needed

When everyday life becomes difficult and help is needed, a care service can help

Especially older or handicapped people may find it difficult to cope with the entire daily routine (housework, shopping or physical care) on their own. Here, a nursing service can provide good services.

Especially in situations in which the family can be involved only with difficulty or not at all in the care, alternative assistance, such as a nursing service, should be used.

Support for home care

Severe disabilities, temporary illnesses and physical limitations may require care by nursing professionals. But also to support the caring family members, the outpatient care services are offered.

Nursing services employ not only geriatric nurses but also nurses. In this way, both people in need of care with dementia and people with temporary restrictions, such as after a serious operation, can be cared for optimally and professionally at home.

The employees of these services have diverse knowledge in the administration of medication (also intravenously), competently change dressings and are also always up to date with regard to wound management.

This is particularly important in the case of bedridden patients, where care must be taken in all cases.

Alternative to a nursing home

Especially for people who have only mild physical limitations, but still cannot care for themselves alone, placement in a nursing or retirement home is not a solution.

They do not want to leave their home and continue their familiar life as best they can. On this topic various care services or mediators, as for example the Linara care service in Stuttgart, specialized and offer a 24 hour care in the home of the patients.

In most cases, the professionals come from the Eastern European area. Here probably the financial aspect may be the main factor. Because even round-the-clock care must still be affordable for the relatives.

Who is now afraid of possible communication problems, which can be reassured. Only people with German language skills are placed by the various agencies.

Sometimes inpatient accommodation is the best solution

In some cases, placement in a special facility is the last option to meet the patient’s care needs. In the rarest cases this situation has something to do with „abschieben“.

Especially the care of people with severe physical or mental disabilities can often bring the relatives to the limit of physical or mental resilience. The best alternative is then the stationary care.

Here the patient is cared for around the clock and optimally catered for with the necessary specialist knowledge. Support such as therapeutic measures are also not uncommon in such care systems.

In most cases, therapy plans are discussed with the patient’s family and they are involved in the process. This allows them to follow the course of treatment.


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