Low Carb – What has it with this nutrition and Diät on itself

What is low carb all about?

The term „Low Carb“ is a generic term for various nourishing forms. These have in common that they reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily. Disagreement in the different Low Carb concepts exists over it, to which extent this happens.

LowCarb dishes are suitable on the one hand to produce figure optimization and permanent weight loss. Therefore, this form of nutrition is chosen either as a low carb diet or as a dietary change for the long term. It can be designed as a vegan or vegetarian diet, depending on culinary preferences, or include fish and meat dishes.

On the other hand, a low carb diet serves people who want to prevent type 2 diabetes or improve their blood glucose levels through a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet. Here, although weight control is also desirable. Primarily serve the Low Carb prescriptions however to hold the blood sugar mirror under control.

The Low Carb Diät is suitable thus with metabolic illnesses. A special form of low carb diet is the ketogenic diet. This is done as a special diet for severe epilepsies such as the rare Fires epilepsy, under strict medical supervision. The ketogenic diet is not suitable to be used by medical laymen because of its potential dangers.

Weight loss with a low carb diet

Who aims at a weight loss, whether because of a suboptimal figure or a metabolic illness, is well set up with the Low Carb Diät. In medical circles, it has become widely accepted that it is not always the fat that causes weight gain, but the carbohydrates. Above all the vast quantities of empty coal hydrates from sugar and white flour prepare the physicians concerns.

The gigantic amount of sugar cubes already contained in a bottle of Coca Cola best illustrates the problem of our modern diet. Food is increasingly produced industrially. Stuffed with white flour, unhealthy fats, too much sugar and salt, they make you sick in the long run.

The Low Carb prescriptions avoid all mentioned food from industrial production. Here everything is cooked and prepared by oneself from fresh ingredients. So if you want to lose weight with low carb, then this is definitely a good choice.

Smart people distinguish the terms „food“ for food that gives life because of its vital substance content, from the generalizing term of „food“. Here it concerns actually a generic term. However, it could also be used to distinguish „food“ for industrially produced foodstuffs.

Then he described good-tasting satiators, which lack, however, valuable contents materials. Instead, such satiety foods are usually high-calorie and full of carbohydrates. So that this is not noticeable, the contained carbohydrate quantity is converted to super small portions and optically small kept.

But if in a drink 34 grams of carbohydrates per 100 milliliters are contained, it is on the half liter already 170 grams. One-third of the drink is sugar. That would be an absolute No Go in the range Low Carb.

Of Low Carb advocates are eaten almost exclusively the vital substance-rich foods. The satiators or. The high carbohydrate foods from industrial production, the high fat and high carbohydrate snack foods and fast food snacks are avoided.

Low carb – what comes to the table?

Of course, also in this diet there are vegetables and fruits that contain larger and those that contain smaller amounts of carbohydrates. The Low Carb fan consumes preferably the fruit kinds, vegetables, leguminous plants, dairy products, meat and fish courts, which have few coal hydrates. Smaller amounts of the carbohydrates are eaten.

The omitted carbohydrates, which provide energy to the organism, are replaced by healthy fats and proteins. With it the organism can provide just as well for the energy supply as otherwise. Depending on which low carb concept you follow, the amount of carbohydrate allowed varies. Known LowCarb concepts are for example:

  • the South Beach diet,
  • the Logi method,
  • the Atkins diet,
  • the Montignac method,
  • the Scarsdale diet,
  • the New York Body Plan by David Kirsch,
  • the Slow Carb diet,
  • the Lutz diet,
  • or the Glyx diet.

Not listed was the already mentioned ketone diet as a special form, which requires medical indication and supervision. This diet is also known as No Carb diet. Eating no carbohydrates at all leads to a state of ketosis. Since this diet has only a medical use, and must otherwise be considered an extreme diet form, it is not recommended to medical laymen.

On the Internet you can find tips on numerous diets from the low carb area and just as many low carb recipes. There are advantages and disadvantages to every form of diet with reduced carbohydrate intake.


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