St. John’s wort light for the soul helps to lose weight

Slimming pusher St. John’s wort: Light for the soul helps you lose weight

If in the dark season the tendency sinks, then the desire for typical soul food increases. Chocolate & Co are then quite high in the course and strike themselves with many humans unfortunately also on the balance down. Against it only self-discipline or a natural soul comforter helps: St. John’s wort.

Good mood makes slim

Until now, St. John’s wort has been known as a well-tolerated herbal antidepressant. Tea made from St. John’s wort or high-dose pills with St. John’s wort extract are successfully used in naturopathy to brighten the mood. Scientists have now discovered a completely new application for St. John’s wort. The high-dose extract effectively supports weight reduction.

Decrease completely without frustration

St. John’s wort does not directly combat the causes of obesity, but successfully supports the calorie reduction phase of weight loss. It is surely well-known to all DiƤt damaged that a clear calorie restriction leads in the long run to frustrations or even depressive disgruntlements. By the withdrawal of the calorie supply the body is withdrawn namely also a kind of the reward. Food serves not only for the pure life support, but also the satisfaction of important feelings. But if this satisfaction is missing for a longer period of time, our body reacts with typical withdrawal symptoms: we become moody or depressive.

A perfect slimming pusher

In the phase of calorie reduction, St. John’s wort now helps very reliably to prevent possible withdrawal symptoms such as depression. St. John’s wort has a strong mood-lifting effect and thus avoids the typical frustrations of losing weight. It is much easier to keep up the calorie reduction during a diet. And St. John’s wort is excellently tolerated without the side effects of comparable chemical preparations.

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