L, cold-pressed – health from nature with valuable ingredients

Health from nature – cold pressed oil

Cold-pressed oil is in itself, due to the healthy, high content of valuable ingredients, a wonderful synthesis of the arts in a variety of uses and effects.

Healthy cold-pressed oil regulates our cholesterol level, cares for our skin, prevents its aging and can protect us from heart attacks and free radicals. Mostly everything in the conglomerate.

This is also the case with the green-golden shining, aromatic grape seed oil, the oil from the seeds of grapes and pomace, which works wonders on damaged and stressed skin.

It is rich in antioxidants (u.a. Procyanidin, the strongest bulwark against free radicals, because it is 18x stronger than vitamin C and 50x stronger than vitamin E) and thus good for our immune system and premature cell aging.

It consists of 90% unsaturated fatty acids and is characterized by very good skin compatibility, because it resembles the fat film of our skin. Consequently, it is also ideal for allergy sufferers who want to provide their skin with good care and moisture without it being gelatinized by an additional film of fat.

Cold pressed oil – Application of grape seed oil

The 70% polyunsaturated linoleic acid contained in the oil keeps the cell walls of the skin healthy and helps in cell renewal, regeneration, of our skin.

Grape seed oil cold pressed is therefore often used in physiotherapy for massage and generally as a basis for cosmetic products for oily skin and combination skin. About its health and good care properties one knew already in the Middle Ages.

About 71% unsaturated fatty acids and a very high smoke point at ca. 190°C make it also suitable for direct frying in the kitchen. Thus high-quality grape seed oil cold-pressed can start not only in the fresh salad its healthy effect from the inside out.

Its high vitamin E content has an extremely positive effect on the cardiovascular system, muscles and joints, and the eyes.

Beside oat flakes particularly cold-pressed grape seed oils and wheat germ oils are considered as healthy addition in the moist fodder with dog and cat. So also the beloved four-legged friend stays fit for a long time!

Many oil mills have already been producing healthy oils for years. Whether cold pressed or refined is of crucial importance. Because fake lash can be harmful to health.

Only a cold-pressed, native (natural) oil still combines all the healthy active ingredients in itself. Due to gentle production all vitamins and essential fatty acids are preserved.

With a refined oil a larger quantity is producible by the heat treatment, but at the end unfortunately no healthy oil stands more on the table. For only one liter of cold-pressed grape seed oil, after all, between 13 and 15 kg of grape seeds and pomace must be processed. But the oil yield is very high, so the price is limited.


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