Camu Camu – The superfood of the Peruanermit high vitamin C content

Camu Camu, the superfood of the Peruvians

In the supermarkets we see the fruit Camu Camu very rarely. It comes from Peru and has always been a superfood of the inhabitants there. Called “Myrciaria dubia”, “Caçari” or “Araçá de áqua”, it gives a lot of vitamin C when eaten.

It grows on a shrub that can grow up to six meters high. Besides Peru, it is found in almost the entire Amazon region. The Camu Camu shrub loves the swampy soil with tropical conditions. Even in high water it continues to grow and form its delicious fruits.

Today, the fruit is also cultivated on plantations. Also to be able to meet the constantly increasing demand. From July the white flowers can be seen on the plant.

They smell sweet and need a lot of time to ripen. With the month of December the first fruits are visible. They turn from red to red-purple in color. With their approximately three centimeters they are hardly noticeable, but the superfood has it in itself!

Ingredients of the Camu Camu

As already mentioned, it depends with this superfood above all on the high content of vitamin C. In their maturity they have up to three percent of it, measured on their total weight. It is thus many times richer in vitamin C than the citrus fruits we are familiar with.

But to survive they urgently need their plant. After the harvest it is therefore necessary to react quickly if you want to sell them as healthy as possible. Here the gentle freeze-drying has proven to be the best solution.

Afterwards one prepares a powder from the fruit, which one can export without problems.

The only disadvantage: this fruit tastes very sour due to its high vitamin C content. But the pure form of the vital substance should be worth it to his to consume the powder regularly.

For optimal digestion, it should be mentioned that the Camu Camu is much better absorbed with secondary plant substances.

Positive effects of Camu Camu

Now let’s look at some of the positive effects of the Camu Camu fruit. A more detailed overview can be found in the Superfood Center.

Antioxidant protection & Strong immune system

With so much vitamin C, it is quite clear that the antioxidant protection is very high. Our body absorbs many free radicals every day. It needs it to a certain extent for metabolic processes.

If they take however over hand, it becomes dangerous for us. Only our immune system keeps them from permanently damaging our DNA.

Can Camu Camu prevent cancer?

In the search for an effective means of preventing and fighting cancer, the Camu Camu has also been analyzed. With a strong immune system and the antioxidants, the foundation is already laid.

According to some studies, the camu camu also has an anticarcinogenic effect. So it protects the body cells from harmful changes.

For the Camu Camu speak likewise the secondary plant materials. Betulinic acid is known to prevent melanoma cells from growing. In sufficient quantities, it can even induce cell death and thus avert the danger.

Strong heart & Nerves

We stay with the free radicals, because they can weaken our blood vessels. High blood pressure and varicose veins, up to the heart attack, are then the consequences.

With the Camu Camu one provides for a good blood flow. Thus the heart can work perfectly. And thanks to the catechins in the fruit, it positively affects cholesterol levels. Which in turn prevents the calcification of arteries.

For resistant nerves the Camu Camu also provides. The latest assumptions suggest that the fruit can even reduce Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to the flavonoids, which prevent protein deposits in the nerve cells.

The minerals of the Camu Camu calm our nervous system. We are then less stressed and not so easily irritable. Sometimes it is even recommended as an antidepressant in winter months.


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