High blood pressure hypertension, which plants can help

High blood pressure hypertension, which plants can help?

Hypertension-hypertension is a disease of the blood vessels. Since high blood pressure does not cause pain, the problem is often not recognized until a general examination is performed. Symptoms include dizziness, headache, nervousness and inner restlessness in the first period.

These signs can indicate many diseases and are therefore not immediately associated with high blood pressure hypertension.

If the pressure in the blood is only once higher than the normal value, it is not necessary to speak of hypertension. Only when the values in the vessels are in the higher range over a longer period of time, high blood pressure can be spoken of.

Risk of high blood pressure hypertension

The dangerous thing about this disease is that the risk of having a heart attack or stroke is extremely high. In addition it comes to the narrowing of the vessels.

With arteriosclerosis, the heart must constantly perform at a higher level to supply the body with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. Promoting factors are the smoking, diabetes and an overweight.

Plants can lower high blood pressure

If a person is diagnosed with severe hypertension, it is absolutely necessary to take appropriate medication to bring the blood values back into a normal range. If the values in the blood are less dramatic, the affected patients can do something themselves in many cases.

Smokers must absolutely stop smoking and overweight people should quickly lose a few pounds. In addition, exercise is another way to manage the disease.

It does not depend on maximum performance, but a regularity is important. To establish the inner balance, plants also help.

Very well works valerian, lavender or melissa, because these plants have a calming effect. Very effective for the heart muscles is hawthorn. Hawthorn can be drunk as a tea or the leaves can be poured over with hot water. After about 10 minutes, tea or the leaves can be removed from the water.

Some patients rely on garlic. 3 to 4 toes consumed a day, support very well the blood circulation. In addition, garlic generally has a very positive effect on the entire body.

Unfortunately, in our latitudes many people do not like the smell and therefore refrain from taking them. Black garlic can also lower blood pressure in the long term.

Sesame oil and olive oil contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and are therefore very good for the heart and circulation.

Measuring devices

Some people want to check their blood levels more often. There are various devices available in pharmacies. Some measure the values on the upper arm, others on the wrist.

It is recommended to take the measurement on the upper arm, because the values are more accurate here. It is important that the cuff fits correctly, as this is the only way to achieve clean results.

To find the right device, the pharmacist measures the circumference of the upper arm – you can find current models here on the web. Users must later always take the measurement on the same arm to get clean comparative values.

Before the application the patients must come to rest for about 5 minutes, so that the blood pressure values are not falsified. If blood pressure is constantly too high, it is essential to consult a doctor.


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