Honey massage for detoxification and purification of the whole body

Honey massage for detoxification of the body

The honey massage restores the natural detoxification ability of the body. It is particularly suitable for civilization diseases, which are due to the storage of toxins and pollutants.

During the honey massage, the power of the bee honey has a healing and detoxifying effect on the organism directly through the skin.

By the pumping movements of the hands old slag materials and poisons are pulled out with the honey massage to deeply from the body tissue.

The honey massage strongly invigorates the whole organism, it is suitable therefore primarily with exhaustion and weakness due to stress, age or illnesses, with tensions, nervous disturbances and restlessness states.

By its detoxifying effect, the honey massage frees the entire organism from slag materials, which it stored in the course of the years from the environment, the food and from medicines pollutants.

In which diseases is the honey massage particularly useful??

It is hardly possible to list all the diseases for which honey massage is helpful. The honey massage is hardly known in the West and has not yet been tested for all diseases.

Have they calmly the courage the honey massage with other illnesses not mentioned here to try out.

Helpful is the honey massage, according to self-help groups experiences above all with :

  • Heart and circulatory problems,
  • allergy, if it is not exactly a honey allergy,
  • all rheumatic diseases of muscles and joints,
  • Arthrose,
  • Stomach and intestinal disorders,
  • fungal diseases of the skin or organs,
  • chronic rhinitis and sinus problems,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • Headache,
  • Nervous disorders of all kinds,
  • problems with falling asleep and staying asleep,
  • Discharge and menstrual disorders of women,
  • depressions,
  • Age-conditioned or other not quite explainable weakness conditions,
  • delayed recovery after serious illnesses,
  • decreasing vitality and efficiency,
  • Liver disorders of all kinds,
  • dysfunctions of the pancreas,
  • Kidney weakness,
  • Potency disorders and infertility,
  • all kinds of illnesses caused by environmental toxins or amalgam or after operations.

When you should not use the honey massage:

  • in case of honey allergy,
  • in the area of open wounds,
  • with skin damage, eczema or skin rashes caution is required,
  • in case of bleeding in the body, z.B. with stomach ulcers or stomach bleeding,
  • with a fresh stroke (some time later a careful honey massage can be quite helpful),
  • with too high eye pressure,
  • in case of thrombosis,
  • in case of infectious diseases.

First aggravations are possible

Most people feel the pleasant relaxing effect already during and after the first application.

Nevertheless, as with many natural remedies, the application of honey massage can initially cause a flaring up of old chronic ailments: Tiredness, restlessness, strong and unpleasant smelling of sweat, headaches, dizzy spells, heart palpitations, colds, diarrhea, moods, anxiety, anger, depression skin redness, skin itching, sore muscles.

Pimples on the back may appear; they are harmless and should be taken as a positive sign. The therapy begins to work. The body reacts. It begins to eliminate old toxins, disease substances.

Mostly the last acquired toxins dissolve first. But sometimes old medicine poisons, inoculation damages, further back, at that time not fully cured illnesses announce themselves again. It is all right, these are side effects on the way to healing.

Best they allow themselves with occurrence of Erstverschlimmerung much rest. Plenty of exercise in the fresh air, walks and light physical work are beneficial.

Important: Drink a lot, so that your body can flush out the activated substances. Usually such first aggravations, if they occur at all, disappear again after a few days.

There is no need to worry, but you should wait with the next honey massage until all reactions have subsided.

What else should be considered

If you want to use the honey massage, you should be healthy yourself. Whoever is feeling sick at the moment can transfer these sick vibrations to the other person and this does not contribute to healing.

After the honey massage, do not let soap or other cosmetic products come into contact with the back for three days. There are still energies in motion. Some people feel this like a light ant walking.

Only clear water should get on the skin. If you get irritated skin, you can put cucumber slices on your skin.

With perfect or to some extent healthy humans, it is sufficient if the back once per month with honey is massaged. With chronic diseases the application should take place once per week, with acute illness still twice per week.

To dissolve deposits in joint diseases, it is recommended to massage honey into the affected joints twice a month.

The duration of the massage

In general, the honey massage lasts about an hour. With ill or weakened humans with cycle problems the treatment duration can be shortened, up to approximately twenty minutes, to the full honey massage is sufficient then, if honey is applied once.

Sick, weakened old people and pregnant women: in the first treatment, a single application of honey may already be enough. If the honey massage is increasingly felt as extremely painful, it is usually time to stop it for that day.

Basic rules if you want to perform a honey massage:

    • Do not treat anyone with the honey massage if you do not feel well – otherwise your own negative vibrations could easily be transferred to the other person.
      • Your hands should be warm. It is important especially for the first contact between the practitioner and the treated person.
        • At the beginning of the honey massage, place your hands calmly on the back of the treated person for three to four minutes to establish physical contact, so do not start the massage actively right away.
          • Keep your back upright during the honey massage, so that you can breathe calmly. So your own energies flow freely and unhindered.
            • Never perform the honey massage when you are short of time. If it happens only so times evenly in between, it cannot lead to full success.
              • If you get tired in between, interrupt the treatment or stop it completely.
                • Do not treat anyone with honey massage if there is no basic harmony between them.
                  • If there is a willingness between both parties to return to harmony, the honey massage offers them good conditions for this, each treatment offers new experiences and you can get to know a new reaction.
                    • During the massage concentrate fully on what you are doing. Let the person being treated have a chance to relax fully, if that is possible. This includes not talking unnecessarily.
                      • Quietly close your eyes in between and try to see with your hands.
                        • Let your intuition guide you, do not try to resolve pain or tension at any cost, proceed slowly, carefully and lovingly. A brisk massage, whereby toxins are drawn through the skin at the skin surface is of advantage.
                          • Let happen. Not all existing problems have to be solved immediately with the first treatment.
                            • Create a comfortable atmosphere in the treatment room, the lighting in the room should be pleasant and not too bright. The temperature of the room should be perceived as pleasant by those being treated.

                            The back is the place where feelings and conflicts run riot. Although the burden of heavy physical labor in our society continues to decline, more and more people suffer from back problems, so wear and tear does not seem to be the real cause of such problems. Blocked feelings and sensations are often hidden behind the physical back pain.

                            The back is considered to be a playground of emotional conflicts. Here you have the opportunity to let off steam and present yourself. Here, too, the pain and problems can be tackled relatively well by their roots.

                            Where it is possible to release the blocked feelings through holistic work, the living energy can flow unhindered again.

                            The cycle of permanent pain is broken. The psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich was the first to recognize the connection between emotional conflicts and muscular tensions of the body.

                            Modern therapies are capable of dissolving muscle tensions in the back and thus the emotional conflicts hidden in them.

                            Also during the treatment with honey massage it can happen that the treated person suddenly reacts emotionally in an unexpected way. Mostly before the honey, the toxins drawn through the skin to the outside, can absorb.

                            The physical pain is perceived as unbearable. Sometimes old anger, the pain hidden in them, bursts out of them and not infrequently the affected person even remembers the scene from their life in which this pain arose.

                            Often these are situations of deep humiliation, injury or disrespect, to which the injured person could not react appropriately at the time. For example, who can afford to give his boss a piece of his mind?!

                            Your body, however, remembered here by tensing its muscles when unpredictably these emotional reactions occur from a honey massage. The pent-up tensions begin to release, which should be seen as a positive sign.

                            This can be the beginning of a profound healing process.


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