Bad Kissingen is gaining steam on its way to becoming a world cultural heritage site

Bad Kissingen makes steam

In the latest survey it became clear that Bad Kissingen is the best known health resort in Germany. Otto von Bismarck once came to the little village to lose weight and make world policy. But now it could be that Bad Kissingen becomes really famous and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The contemplative small place lies at the upper corner of Bavaria. But how did it come about that Bad Kissingen is now on the list of proposed World Heritage Sites??

Why Bad Kissingen could soon be a World Heritage Site

The Schmidt couple put their own vision into practice a few years ago: they wanted to use a strong iodine-bromine brine to help people suffering from asthma or vasoconstriction. The suitable place had to be searched for a long time by the couple. By chance they both came across the place. But it is not only the Schmidt couple who have invested heavily in the town in recent years; private donors, the town itself and the Free State of Bavaria have also done so.

Among other things, this created the KissSalis Therme, so that the spa town of Bad Kissingen has one of the most modern thermal baths in Germany. A cure can be worthwhile here just like a health vacation, therefore: travel you healthy, vacation for the spirit gives it on

The psychosomatic clinic is also well-known in many places. In the summer flowed into the city ca. 35 million euros to create a cultural highlight. According to a recent survey, Bad Kissingen is the most famous health resort in Germany. Approximately 1.5 million spa guests or tourists spend the night in the Lower Franconian rose city every year.

Special features of Bad Kissingen

The town itself sees itself as a modern health and tourism location. For many visitors, the place has been a magnet not just since yesterday. The place is also very attractive for short stays and conferences. For 25. July this year, Bad Kissingen is now on the proposal list for the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next year, the city plans to submit an application for the Great Spas of Europe together with other spas from the German region, the Czech Republic and England.

And the chances of success for this do not look so bad at all. Because Bad Kissingen not only has a lot to offer for several years, also the past of the place can be seen. This year the town celebrates the 100th anniversary. Birthday of the Regentenbau, this is the most beautiful contemporary testimony of German spa architecture. In addition, the town was also very lucky that the old, architecturally very interesting buildings of the town were preserved- Bad Kissingen has not been destroyed by a war for 700 years.


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