Vaporizer use as a better alternative to the cigarette

Vaporizer as an alternative to the cigarette

We all know it that smoking is very harmful. Smokers who just can’t get rid of the glowing stick also know it. With every cigarette a lot of harmful substances are absorbed during smoking.

Besides nicotine, which according to the popular saying „tars the lungs“ because they become very dark in the course of the smoking career, there are a total of about 4.800 chemicals that act on the body with every cigarette and thus ensure the supply of a total of around 250 toxins.

The vaporizer as an alternative to the cigarette

Smokers themselves repeatedly report that it is not the cigarette smoke at all that is so attractive to them. More it is the pleasant habit of holding the cigarette in your hand and pulling on it that makes smoking so attractive.

This is why many abstainers start to eat a lot of sweets during smoking cessation, because humans are mammals and thus orally influenced. A better alternative to smoking is to use a vaporizer. These came on the market a few years ago.

British medical experts call the e-cigarette a real boon

Within research, British medical professionals have pronounced the vaporizer as an alternative to cigarettes the status of „blessing for smokers“ as can also be read in the Royal College of Physician and Public Health England report.

This is due to the fact that the consumption of the vaporizer as an alternative to cigarettes can reduce the risk of smoking-related cancers to five percent.

The report further reveals that vaporizers are also overall significantly less harmful than the classic normal cigarettes for the organism.

The potential for harm that comes from smoking cigarettes is that when you smoke, a combustion process takes place inside the cigarette.

In this many different substances are burned, which have a toxic up to carcinogenic effect. This high damage potential is – in addition to the reduced cancer risk – when enjoying the vaporizer simply not given.

Internationally accepted that vaporizers are healthier than cigarettes

The consensus is now that enjoying the vaporizer is much better for health than enjoying the cigarette. The benefits of the vaporizer are simply that it does not require tobacco to achieve a sense of enjoyment.

Instead, so-called liquids are filled into the vaporizer, which are also flavored in many variants. Thus, instead of inhaling bitter combustion residues of tobacco, vaporizers can be used to enjoy pleasant flavors of fruits, coffee or many other taste experiences.

The vaporizer helps with weaning

If a smoker with a classic smoking career of several years wants to quit, then there are two paths. Either the so-called cold turkey, in which smoking is given up from one day to the next, or the number of cigarettes smoked daily is gradually reduced.

Both ways are possible, but from experience they are not very successful. Most smokers return to cigarettes because they miss the ritual of smoking itself, which has been established in the reward center of the brain during the years of smoking.

The vaporizer instead of the cigarette is therefore a good way to be able to continue the ritual of smoking, yet get away from nicotine and the many other toxins of the cigarette.

A smoker switches to a much more harmless product while still in the process of quitting, thus immediately reducing the risks associated with cigarette smoke when switching from a cigarette to a vaporizer.

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London argue that a consistent switch in the population would result in a significant and noticeable reduction in smoking-related diseases.

British studies have shown that out of 1.5 million smokers who have switched to vaporizing, 700 have permanently and successfully renounced cigarettes.000 of these people do not even vaporize today.


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