Tired eyes – with these tips the everyday problem can be alleviated

Tired eyes, what helps?

Our eyes are considered windows to the soul: from them we can read a wide range of emotions and moods. Unfortunately, this also happens when we are exhausted or worn out and have tired eyes.

Partly, however, the eye area can appear tired when we are well-rested and physically fit. So what can be responsible for tired eyes and how do we provide a fresh look again?

Increased monotony of gaze strains eyes

No need to worry: In the evening after a busy day, it is perfectly normal for our eyes to get tired. A natural process that can be remedied by an adequate portion of sleep. Sometimes, however, a tired look appears even when the rest of the body is wide awake.

One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is what ophthalmologists call gaze monotony. In today’s information age, we spend longer periods concentrating on monitors – whether it’s screen work in the office, watching TV after work, or surfing on our smartphones before going to bed.

The consequence: Eyelid blink frequency decreases, thinning the protective tear film on the cornea – eyes dry out and start to itch. The same can be observed during reading or longer car rides.

In addition to increased monotony of gaze in everyday life, our age may also be responsible for tired eyes. With the increase of our years of life, the eyelids slacken and the skin around the eyes becomes less elastic – the entire facial expression appears less vital.

Surgical tightening of the eyelid can then provide a fresher look for cosmetic reasons or may become necessary if the eyelids impair the field of vision.

Tired eyes are not just an appearance problem

In addition to the perceived impairment of one’s appearance, tired eyes lead to other symptoms that are perceived as annoying: From a slight burning and tearing sensation, to redness and severe itching, to a foreign body or pressure sensation.

Since the gaze often cannot be focused properly and the vision is blurred, the increased concentration effort can additionally lead to muscle tension and neck and headaches.

Practical tips for VDU work: What helps against tired eyes?

In today’s world, we can not escape a certain degree of monotony of gaze, because for many people working in the office in front of the computer is part of everyday life.

Some people have no complaints at all despite intensive screen work, while others experience irritation of the eyes more quickly.

If you suffer from watery, itchy, or just tired eyes, these tips can provide relief – especially in the office, simple precautions can be taken to keep your eyes from feeling heavy.

  • Take breaks:

No eye can withstand a continuous stare in the long run: Therefore, it is advisable to switch back and forth between individual tasks as well as “analog” activities, such as telephone calls, staff meetings or sorting documents, in between.

Even a short break to look out the window into the distance provides relief from close-range focusing, which is strenuous for the eyes.

  • Fresh air refreshes the eyes:

A short walk during the lunch break not only gets the circulation going again, but also refreshes the eyes. Fresh air is not only good for your eyes, but also helps you to clear your head and recover from the stress of everyday life.

  • Power nap as a recovery kick:

When we sleep, our body regenerates – and so do our eyes. If you have the opportunity, you can help out against tired eyes with a midday nap. A power nap is particularly recommended.

This is a short-term and effective recovery measure – but be careful not to drift into deep sleep in order to avoid sleep drunkenness.

  • Keep monitor clean:

Keep your monitor free of dust, fingerprints and other dirt marks to avoid making computer work unnecessarily difficult for your eyes. A monitor stand that can be rotated and tilted can additionally increase ergonomics.

If you sit in front of a screen early in the morning or late in the evening, you can use software to filter out the blue light, which affects our natural sleep rhythm.

  • Pay attention to ergonomics:

In addition to an adjustable monitor, the desk and the chair in the office should also be adaptable to your own body size or individual needs.

As a general rule, the upper edge of the monitor should not be above eye level. Ergonomic office furnishings also help to protect the back, which is strained by sitting so much.

  • Ensure a comfortable room climate:

Draughts and air conditioning can cause dry and burning eyes. In winter, the dry heating air makes us uncomfortable. Make sure you have the right climate at your workplace – don’t forget to ventilate regularly to bring fresh oxygen back into the room.

  • Make sure you have the right lighting conditions:

Make sure your workspace is well lit, as strong contrasts between light and dark put a strain on your eyes.

There should also be no reflections on the monitor or glare from the sun – a sunshade or moving the table can help here in unfavorable sunlight conditions.

Further tips against tired eyes: Acute treatment and check visual aids

If your eyes itch despite these tips, avoid rubbing them with your fingers.

The hand often automatically goes to the face – but this does not provide relief. On the contrary, itching intensifies and germs can get from the hand into the eye.

For quick relief, you can moisten two cotton pads with lukewarm water and place them on your eyes. After about ten minutes, the eyes should have calmed down again.

If tired or painful eyes occur more frequently, this may be due to incorrectly adjusted visual aids. Incorrect correction via contact lenses or glasses leads to increased strain, as the over- or understrained eye compensates for the other one.

A visit to an optician can clarify the situation if your visual performance has gradually changed.


Tired eyes are an everyday problem for many people nowadays due to the increased monotony of looking at things at work and in their leisure time.

With a few measures and aids, however, this can be easily and quickly brought under control again – so our facial expression can recover again and our gaze can be refreshed.


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