Sunbathing – this is what you should definitely consider when enjoying the sun

Tips for healthy sunbathing

Just enjoyed the beautiful weather while sunbathing in the park, it has already happened: At home, we notice the red skin on the nose and shoulders, which is also unpleasantly itchy and painful. Sunburn is probably one of the most common negative consequences of an actually beautiful summer day. But sunstroke or diseases such as sun allergy, and in the worst case even skin cancer, can also occur if we expose ourselves to UV rays without protection.

Summer, sunbathing, sunburn?

The right sun protection is not that difficult if you follow a few rules:

⦁ Avoid midday sun
When the sun is at its highest, UV rays are at their strongest. Therefore it is better to go into the shade or seek cooling indoors.

⦁ Protect with sun lotion and clothing
Attention: even in the shade, the skin needs protection from the sun!

⦁ Make sure you use the correct sun protection factor and UV-A and UV-B filters
UV-A rays are responsible for sunburn and skin cancer, UV-B rays age the skin faster and can be responsible for sun allergies.

⦁ Reapplying sunscreen does not prolong sun protection
Repeated application of sunscreen is important to maintain protection, z.B. after bathing in the water or when sweating heavily, to maintain. But: the protection for the day is not prolonged by it.

⦁ Do not forget sensitive areas of the body
Also apply plenty of cream to ears, feet, neck and scalp.

⦁ Protect the head especially
Put on a hat and wear sunglasses.

Sunburn can be a first- to second-degree burn, depending on its severity, and in case of doubt may even need to be treated by a doctor. Not to mention the late effects such as sun spots or even skin cancer. Here, early detection is crucial! By the way, thanks to the new health account, people insured with the AOK can already start paying for their health insurance from the age of 18. The skin cancer screening at the dermatologist from the age of 18 onwards.

The infographic once again summarizes the most important points:

(© hessen.aok.en)

By the way: The AOK app “sun&air” calculates the individual sun protection and at the same time the current ozone values. So you have all the information at hand and can always protect yourself accordingly. To make sunbathing a pure pleasure!


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