Sleep quality What can influence our sleep and why

Sleep quality: what influences our sleep?

Not all sleep is the same. There are said to be people who lie down and immediately sleep like a rock. You enjoy a restful, healthy sleep and wake up the next day rested, in a good mood and fit.

Then again, there are people who cannot get to sleep for a long time, toss and turn during the night, and even wake up more often during the night.

These people often feel tired during the day, are less productive and sometimes have difficulty concentrating.

This comparison shows what a big difference good sleep can make.

But why do some people simply sleep well and others do not?? There are many answers to this question, because numerous factors can influence sleep.

What is healthy sleep?

What constitutes healthy sleep is not easy to define in the same way for everyone.

On the one hand, it is of course important to sleep long enough. But what is the right length can vary just as much.

The duration of sleep is also strongly dependent on age, weight, general health, but also on the load during the day or on the time spent sleeping. the workload that is demanded of us.

As a rule, eight hours of sleep per day are considered, although this can vary greatly depending on circumstances.

There are said to be people who get by with just under half that time. As a general rule, children need significantly more than eight hours of sleep a day.

Healthy sleep also requires that the right conditions prevail.

This refers mainly to the sleeping room itself, but also to the circumstances before going to bed.

The following are considered to be factors that positively influence sleep:

  • A quiet place to sleep supports the deep sleep phase.
  • A well-darkened bedroom helps the body to regenerate better.
  • If the bedroom is free of electronic devices, sensitive people in particular sleep better.
  • No more sumptuous meals should be eaten before meals.
  • Cell phones and other media should be avoided before bedtime.
  • Rituals that help you fall asleep help to organize your thoughts and bring the day to a close.
  • A good mattress and a comfortable pillow should also be available.

Factors that can negatively influence or even prevent restful sleep

Much attention should be paid to the place where we sleep. Because you make your bed, you lie in it – and that’s how you sleep.

Disturbing factors in the bedroom can also lead to sleep disturbances and thus have a negative impact on sleep quality.

  • Noise: Many people tune out street noise in particular over time. Quickly the opinion prevails that this would have no influence. But in the subconscious the noise is very well perceived. A running TV in the bedroom or in an adjoining room as well as conversations in adjoining rooms can also negatively influence sleep and prevent getting proper rest.
  • Light: If artificial light from street lamps shines through the window, or if light sources in the bedroom such as standby lights or nightlights illuminate the room, this can reduce the quality of sleep. The darker the room, the better we also sleep.
  • Electronic devices can lead to frequent interruptions in sleep, especially for sensitive people. Electrosmog can have a negative effect on the ability to fall asleep and sleep, which is why devices should be banned from the bedroom if possible. The cell phone on the bedside table is also one of them.
  • Water veins: Sometimes it is simply due to the location of the bed. If there is a water vein underneath, this can lead to restless sleep or even prevent falling asleep. Some people feel this much more strongly than others. Moving the bed to another place can already work wonders.
  • Media stimuli: If you read news on your cell phone for a long time or watch movies before bed, you often have a hard time falling asleep. Because the visual stimuli and information must first be processed. It is better to read a book or not to consume any media at all before falling asleep.
  • Stress: One of the biggest but often overlooked disruptors of sleep is stress. People who have a lot of stress during the day and live a hectic everyday life usually don’t get any rest at night either. Thoughts continue to race as people fall asleep, and the issues they struggle with during the day continue to haunt their dreams.

What you can do for better sleep?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to sleep better. Above all, technical measures can be taken to improve the quality of sleep.

These include, above all, blackouts for the windows, but also the banishment of technical equipment from the bedroom.

There is also something that can be done about noise. The easiest option are earplugs, which can be had cheaply. Noise protection windows or noise protection films require more effort, but are effective.

A comfortable mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard can make a huge difference. A pillow that offers a good neck position is worth just as much.

But behavior makes a big difference. Not eating too much before bedtime and not consuming alcohol makes it easier to fall asleep.

If the day is then gone through once again, in order to conclude with all topics, nothing more stands in the way of a healthy sleep.


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