Rheumatism – underestimated disease with many possible causes

Rheumatism – the underestimated disease

In rheumatism, the affected joints or soft tissues may be warm, swollen and painful. It can also be that only the small toe on the foot hurts a little and initially it is assumed that the shoes are too tight.

Only a visit to the doctor, can name the disease. Sometimes, however, not even the doctor recognizes at the first treatment, which disease is behind it.

Where rheumatism comes from?

Here are assumptions and various triggers, but not the cause per se. Rheumatism can be caused by inflammation in the body or by wear and tear, overwork or other causes. Organs and soft tissues can also be affected, with which the term rheumatism is not brought to mind in the first place.

Rheumatism can also be caused by an autoimmune disease. The possible causes are numerous and the disease can be detected by blood tests even in the acute stage.

On the page hhp.de it is possible to make a rheumatism pain test, which can give information about the current state of health.

Symptoms of rheumatism

The first priority is always the pain. Mostly these run in acute relapses. However, there is also chronic rheumatism, which permanently torments sufferers with pain and possible immobility of the affected joints.

Rheumatism can also affect other parts of the body due to tension and strain and should therefore be treated holistically if possible. As physical therapy here heat or cold applications can bring further relief.

Treatment for rheumatism

As a rule, painkilling and anti-inflammatory drugs are administered first, which can limit and, in the best case, eliminate the inflammatory foci. Alternatively, rheumatism ointments can also provide relief from the pain. If this treatment does not make the pain bearable, other painkillers may be prescribed.

In the case of long-term therapy, the benefits and side effects should be weighed up, especially with regard to possible side effects in the case of long-term therapy with painkillers.

Here the organ values should be checked regularly. In phytotherapy, frankincense, devil’s claw, nettle, arnica and cayenne pepper are often used.

These therapies offer only few established physicians and are mostly rather with the welfare practical man to find. Sometimes the willow bark is used, which has a similar effect as the use of aspirin.

Physiotherapy, massages and occupational therapy are part of a comprehensive concept, because here the affected limbs are relaxed, strengthened and invigorated. The application should take place regularly, in order to obtain a greatest possible therapy success.


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