No desire to exercise – what helps The right motivation makes the difference!

Motivation for regular sport

With many people it looks with the motivation nevertheless in such a way: It’s easy to decide that tomorrow I’m going to start doing sports. However, it is usually very difficult to actually put this into practice on a daily basis.

Often one already comes after certain situations to the opinion that one must become nevertheless now finally sportily active.

Sometimes it’s the frustrating clothes shopping where you realize that you don’t necessarily look great in many clothes or that you suddenly need to be one or two sizes bigger.

Or when visiting the swimming pool, where the naked facts jump into your eyes when you compare them.

There are certainly still numerous situations in which many people notice that they should actually do more for their body. Only usually it fails then at the conversion.

What is the right motivation for regular exercise?

Unfortunately, when it comes to putting this into practice, it often happens that you boldly decide in the evening that you will start exercising the next day.

If then the next morning comes, is usually not much of the good resolution already left. Reasons and excuses for it are found fast, why it does not go then nevertheless.

Outside it is too cold, too hot or too wet, the working day was too long and too exhausting and you don’t feel well today.

It is often even more difficult to get up the nerve to work out in winter. However, some tactics and tips can help to overcome it after all. Tips for successful motivation:

The „Why“ create

Why should I actually train? A reason for it, sport can be healthy! Running or cycling for example. For some, however, this incentive isn’t enough to get them off the couch.

A better motivation is there the individual reason. For some, it is a great desire to finally be able to show a toned and muscular body.

Especially for the successful and fast muscle or mass building it is important to have a good and structured workout plan (e.g., a training program).B. The goal is to have a goal (especially adapted to mass buildup), so that a sense of achievement is quickly achieved and the whole thing motivates you to persevere and continue.

A fixed training plan is certainly useful and helpful for all other activities as well.

For others, however, gaining muscle or mass is not a goal worth striving for: As a woman, you sometimes dream of finally fitting into that great tight dress you’ve been wanting to buy for a long time, if only you could fit into it. This goal can also be motivation enough.

But perhaps they would much rather run a marathon or at least be able to keep up with their friends on a jog and achieve the necessary endurance and stamina to do so.

A small but useful help could be a good sports watch.

This is because it records all the activities of the user and thus supports a healthy lifestyle. The wearers are often additionally motivated to do more exercise by being reminded by this watch that they have been sitting for too long, have walked too few steps or are less active than their friends.

No matter what the reason, the intention must be important to you personally!

Small goals lead to a greater sense of achievement

A goal that is too big can also be demotivating. Better to set small goals. It is demotivating, for example, if you think that you have to run 40 kilometers at a stretch to make your belly disappear and your upper body become firm and athletic. That is simply too much at once.

Therefore, this large target must be quickly broken down into many small targets. This will give you the courage you need to take the next steps. The „intermediate stages“ however, should be as concrete as possible.

So don’t say, „this week I’m exercising„, but „Friday at 17.00 o’clock I go to the sports club, to the running club „etc..

Making the first steps as easy as possible

If the concrete training plan is fixed, it can become naturally nevertheless still difficult, until the goal is finally reached.

Especially at the beginning it is known to be most difficult to persevere. The first steps should therefore be made as easy as possible.

Perhaps a beautiful and motivating saying or a wise life wisdom (words that should also be individually chosen) helps – which you can also attach, for example, as a wall tattoo in rooms – to get yourself out of a low again. But also with other simple procedures, you can support yourself to persevere.

This can also be packing your sports bag ready in the evening or putting your running shoes in front of the door, so that you only have to grab the things the next day and don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for them or talking yourself out of it with the excuse that you didn’t find or forgot the things you needed.


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