Happiness Hygge, Ikigai, Lagom or Wabi-Sabi

Happiness: Hygge, Ikigai, Lagom or Wabi-Sabi?

People strive for happiness. For some this means a stable job, others long for a good relationship. Now the trend is more and more towards self-discovery.

Countless guidebooks on the subject of personality growth and development have already been written, and yet the search for happiness still seems to be associated with a certain appeal.

Lifestyles for happiness

Thus in the last years whole Lifestyle concepts developed for being happy, which are to improve the whole life. The most famous of the happiness concepts is probably the so-called Hygge from Denmark.

But other terms such as Ikigai and Lagom also appear again and again. We explain what it is all about.


The concept of hygge, in short, consists of a particularly cozy approach to life. The Danes, considered one of the happiest nations, try to enjoy the little things in life with hygge.

Who would like to treat itself a break, should according to the principle thus simply a few loose, comfortable clothes throw over, a few candles set up, a particularly pleasant armchair with a soft cover pull up and warm themselves thereby at the crackling fire of a fire-place. All signs point to comfort.

In the summer, joint garden parties and evenings outdoors are also counted as part of the Hygge concept. Contact with good friends and family is also an important aspect.

The lifestyle of the Danes has suggestions for all areas of life: clothing, furniture, food and more. The relative new magazine HYGGE brings the Danish way of life to Germany and gives Tipps in addition, how one can arrange its life particularly pleasant and cosy.

And with these small breaks and loving details, the everyday stress of professional life can be endured particularly well and dangers such as burnout or psychosomatic illnesses can be avoided.


The concept of life Ikigai comes from Japan and, as you would expect, has a slightly different approach. For people in Japan, long hours and little free time are not uncommon and many people find it difficult to take a break.

Nevertheless, there is hardly a nation in which the inhabitants live longer on average than in Japan. But what is the secret for long life?

The concept of Ikigai was developed on the Japanese island of Okinawa and focuses on how to stay young and fit. For the Japanese, it is very important to always have a reason to get up in the morning.

Therefore, part of Ikigai is not to retire for as long as possible or at least to look for other challenges.

This may not sound very appealing to many, but the feeling of success actually keeps us fit and is also associated with positive emotions. Those who do not want to work longer should look for other challenges and implement them.

When we master something, win something or when a risk taken is positively rewarded, dopamine is released.

Our reward center rejoices and the feeling of success, known as the victory effect, is felt particularly intensely. However, Ikigai also has some relaxation techniques.

So the concept is to not stress, spend more time in nature and live in the now.


The lifestyle Lagom comes originally from Sweden and focuses on the balance in life and in society. Lagom is about doing everything in moderation, whether it’s holding back on your favorite dessert or balancing work and play.

In addition, the Swedish concept stands for a focus on the community rather than the individual. This is how a society can support even the weakest links in the chain, as Sweden proves with its great social system.

Teamwork is also particularly valued in Lagom, because the followers of the Swedish concept believe in the power of cooperation. The need for balance and moderation is also reflected in many products from Sweden.

Especially the furniture brand IKEA is known for its simple but stylish pieces.


Another Lifestlye trend comes from Japan and is based on the teachings of Zen Buddhism. The so-called Wabi-Sabi consists of the words Wabi, which stands for the beauty of the defective, and Sabi, which stands for the natural aging process or decay of everything.

This is exactly why it is especially important for followers of Wabi-Sabi to be happy with what is and not with what could be. The search for perfection is not necessary.

Instead, beauty is found in flaws and the wear and tear of objects or natural aging is valued as something worthwhile.

Things that can be repaired should not be thrown away, but brought in for repair. Broken vases are all the more beautiful after being glued together.

In addition, the concept stands for celebrating aging and not worrying about wrinkles. Who is content with what he has, lives exactly according to Wabi-Sabi.

Happiness is a matter of attitude. Lifestyle trends from Japan, Sweden and Co. are designed to help you focus on the essentials and take good care of your own body and soul.

The positive experiences and emotions associated with practicing the particular lifestyle lead to a steady integration of the concept into one’s life.

Who once got a taste for it, will soon no longer be able to imagine his everyday life without it – and that is exactly what makes a lifestyle.


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