Hair extension, the new fashionable trend in Germany

The new fashionable trend of hair extensions in Germany

The trend of hair extensions is booming in Germany like never before and it is impossible to imagine the German hairdressing landscape without it. In this new type of hair creation, strands of human hair or artificial hair, with the help of different procedures, are incorporated into your own hair.

A new beauty trend for hair creates a promising buzz

In Germany, the trend, especially in recent years, has become increasingly established in the world of hair fashion. What was reserved exclusively for famous stars and starlets on the red carpet about ten years ago, is now open to every woman.

Numerous surveys have shown that a full and long head of hair continuously represents the ideal image of flawless beauty. This image of beauty has been and continues to be increasingly promoted, especially by the media landscape.

US stars, such as Rihanna or Selena Gomez, have been doing it for years and follow the trend to be changeable at any time and to be able to change their hair style always anew.

But not only the desire for spontaneous change is a motive. Many women have by nature little hair and thus have the opportunity to fulfill the desire of „hair richness“, with the help of professional hair extensions.

The different ways to a new, spectacular appearance

Before a woman gets a thicker mane of hair, it is essential to thoroughly inform yourself about the different methods. Not every procedure is suitable for every hair type, so you should, at the hairdresser or in the beauty studio, well informed about the different types and get professional advice regarding the appropriate method.

The prices of the various methods also vary greatly. Basically, however, for the realization of this hair trend, the higher the quality of the implementation should be, the deeper a woman has to dig into her wallet.

Hair extension techniques

Basically there are two different groups of techniques of hair extension, the cold, or mechanical and the warm technique. In the cold technique, the individual strands of human hair or synthetic hair are incorporated into the hair by sewing, braiding, or by means of metal and plastic connections, adhesive strips or clips.

There is also the possibility of so-called braids, several extension strands that are attached together on a band, with a clip or tape in the hair.

The advantage of braids is that several centimeters can always be processed at once. The application of braids is usually done at the back of the head, so that the own hair from the top of the head can lie over the joints.

In the warm technique of hair extension, the foreign hair strands are attached to the own hair with the help of different, heat radiating, means or devices.

Heat tongs or so-called shrink tubes are used here as well as z.B. a keratin warmer (hot pod), a hot glue gun (hot gun) or even wax, silicone or thermoplastic resin. Other warm procedures are the ultrasound method and the air pressure technique or laser treatment.

For the life and care of professional hair extensions

The durability of hair extensions varies greatly from woman to woman and depends on several factors. First of all, it depends on which methods were used, how high the quality of the additionally used hair is and finally also the own hair growth plays a big role. In general, it is said that hair grows an average of one centimeter per month.

The incorporated second hair, as long as it is of high quality – can be processed and worn again regardless of which method was used – again. This not only saves time, but above all costs. On the other hand, low quality hair can be worn only once.

The right care, recommended by the hairdressing professional, also contributes greatly to maintaining the quality of the extension. Therefore, it is incredibly important to implement the care tips, from shampooing to brushing to styling, as best as possible.


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