Foot care for diabetics – What should be taken into account?

What is important in foot care for diabetics??

A diabetic must not only pay attention to his diet, but also take special care of his feet.

Reasons for regular foot care for diabetics

The reason for this is that especially with prolonged illness nerve damage occurs, which ensures that the skin on the feet is not only particularly dry, but also very sensitive.

Furthermore, the sensation of pain is no longer present, so that pressure points or injuries to the feet are not noticed. This has the effect of spreading infections and fungal diseases.

These are the reasons why foot care is so important for diabetics. Thus, the feet should not only be subjected to a close inspection every day and creamed with a special foot cream for diabetics, but also regular visits to a medical foot care are part of the mandatory program.

A daily foot bath as foot care for diabetics

The basis of foot care for a diabetic is a daily foot bath, where the water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees Celsius. A moisturizing and mild soap should be used for the foot bath and the bath should be limited to in no case should it last longer than three minutes.

Afterwards, the feet should be dried well by gently patting them dry. If itching occurs, then a doctor should be consulted. Otherwise the feet with a special foot cream for diabetics are creamed in the connection.

Such a cream contains all the important ingredients needed by the sensitive skin on the feet and should only be applied in small quantities and carefully massaged in.

However, the spaces between the toes are left out, because otherwise it can happen that a damp skin climate forms there, which in turn favors infections and athlete’s foot.

Rules must also be followed for the nails

A diabetic must also follow rules for the toenails.

First, the toenails should never be cut with sharp scissors or nail clippers, but should be trimmed with a rounded diamond file. This involves filing the nails straight and then rounding off the corners.

By being so rounded, you do not encourage nail ingrowth unnecessarily, and then if a nail does grow in, you should contact medical foot care or a doctor to treat the problem.

Because this is the only way fast healing take place. Even if a corn can be recognized, it is recommended to go to a specialist.

To be on the safe side as a diabetic, you should inspect your feet daily and check for changes.

A mirror for the sole is very helpful here! If one notices changes, a medical foot care or a physician should be visited.


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